My red backback was always with me on all my travels and adventures. Sometimes it was light-weight and easy to carry, sometimes it was really heavy.

Life is a journey. Crossing borders, new adventures, challenges and sometimes heavy backpacks and barriers on our way. Fear, worries and bad experiences from our past can limit our life potential, especially when it comes to change and uncertainty.  I already experienced a lot of these journeys, crises and had to stretch my comfort zone, and at the end I always turned out stronger. And happier. And more thankful.

This is why I have a mission. I want to help people being able to change and improve their lives!

As a coach I focus on:

  • personal development
  • corporate values and teamwork (link to my video about values)
  • workplace health management (BGM, BEM, BGF)
  • burnout prevention, stress reduction
  • Stress-Life-Balance Check-Up (click here for more information)
  • courage to change
  • stress reduction and mindfulness
  • piano meditation (click here for meditation videos)


  • Systemic coach and coach for burnout prevention
  • Further trainings in workplace health management (BGM, BEM, BGF), mindfulness and train the trainer
  • University courses in psychology, neuroscience and mental health
  • Voluntary work in music therapy groups in a psychosomatic clinig, piano meditations
  • Acoustics engineer (Dipl.-Ing., Master of Science, focus on psychoacoustics), currently working in Agile Change Management IT and as an ambassador for values and culture

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