My name is Bernadette Schreyer and I am a systemic and agile coach, acoustics engineer, pianist, soundtrack composer and sailor. This might look very colorful but that’s what life is about – there isn’t just one great thing out there, but many! I love to think outside the box and my favorite topic is COURAGE. Courage to change something, courage to be ok outside comfort zones and courage to do things differently. On this page, I want to share my colorful life and career, my music and that it’s possible to live dreams. For example risking my career to cross the Atlantic on a sailboat with a piano. Crazy? Not at all. It’s 100% ME.


Coaching, music, traveling and engineering… not easy to put everything together in a complete résumé but I tried my very best to sum it up on a page. It is fascinating to explore this wonderful planet, to learn and to grow, to interact and work with people, to expand networks, to experience new things, to challenge oneself and to find purpose.

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Music has always been one of the most important parts of my life, expressing feelings with the colorful world of sound. I love to work with emotions and creativity and it’s an absolutely inspiring process to play and compose music. I started with piano lessons in the age of 5 and since then never stopped creating, playing and composing music.

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In 2015 I had the dream to sail to the Caribbean at some point in my life. In September 2018 I left Italy with my partner Stephan and my piano on our floating home SY Johanna. We lived on the boat for almost 1 year and sailed 12896 nautical miles, to the Caribbean and back. Comfortable? Not always. Fascinating? Absolutely.

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What are your #values? Are you aware of them in your daily life and at work?

I spent one year at sea, living on a small sailboat and crossing the Atlantic twice. On this #journey I realized once more the importance of values. For myself and for a #team, especially when it comes to challenging situations.
This video is about my Atlantic crossing from the Bahamas to the Azores. In a storm, a boat can usually stand the elements. It is the human that is the weakest link in the chain. It is the #teamwork that makes us stronger. Stronger to achieve our #goals, to be #successful, and we feel #appreciated. Not only on the Atlantic, but also at work, in daily life and in the middle of a #pandemic and #economic #crisis. We are #strongertogether.


Composing music on the Atlantic? Soundtrack album “Journey” is available on Spotify!